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Basic Dedicated Pro
$3 / app / month $7 / app / month $30 / app / month
Free HTTPS Yes Yes Yes
Custom domains Yes Yes Yes
0-downtime deployments Yes Yes Yes
Versioning for easy rollback Yes Yes Yes
CDN Yes Yes Yes
DDoS protection Yes Yes Yes
Workers 2 5
Ressources 512 MB - 1 CPU 1 GB - 1 CPU 4 GB - 4 CPUs
Database (up to) 100mb 1GB 50GB
Project size 100 MB 20 GB 50 GB
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If I'm not happy, can I cancel my subscription?

Of course, you can cancel anytime if you are not satisfied.

Is my source code safe with Backery?

Your account password is hashed and salted using bcrypt for optimal security. All communication between your app and Nucleus are done with SSL. Your apps source code is encrypted on our server. We don't use your data for anything else than the service and you can request anytime that your data be deleted.

How does this compare to Heroku?

We are cheaper and simpler. We provide free HTTPS and a free database (with backups) for your apps. Newcomers to the hosting market, we aren't backed by a multi-billion dollar company but by a small bootstrapped studio.

How can I add a CNAME record on my root domain?

Either use Cloudflare, which supports CNAME records on root domains, or check out this guide.

Where is my app hosted?

On a the basic plan, your app will be hosted on a virtual machine located in Amsterdam. With the Pro plan, your app is hosted on a dedicated virtual machine. For bigger needs and hosting on a physically dedicated machine, contact us.

Am I charged when I enter my credit card?

No. When you input your card number, we perform a small authorization charge to ensure the card is valid. This is just a preauthorization: nothing is charged.

When do you charge my credit card?

We charge your credit card after you've completed your first month of usage.

How can I access my database outside my application?

You can "expose" your database to the world, which will generate a port making accessible your database outside your app.

I'd like to see -name a feature- before jumping on the train

Contact us, we'll see what can be done ;)